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A compilation of what I’ve found interesting:

Amazon is a bully. Another instance of “Amazon Fail” occurred last weekend when Amazon pulled all Macmillan books off of it’s shelves.  Customers could no longer buy the books in paper or via the Kindle, in fact in some instances purchased e-books were pulled from Kindles (wouldn’t that be a bummer if you were at a juicy part).  It was all about pricing.  Charlie’s Diary has a great review of what happened and the role Amazon thinks it plays in the publishing process vs. the role the publishers think it should play.

Of course, as we’ve been saying for 18 months, it’s vital to have independent bookstores who don’t cut off publishers over pricing or for any other incompetent or nefarious reason.  Independent booksellers provide a necessary alternative to the dominance of Amazon or other big box stores.

I love this quote from today’s Shelf Awareness:

“And special thanks and a show of support to the Macmillan companies in the face of bullying tactics by one of our largest competitors.”–Michael Tucker, head of Books Inc. and president of the American Booksellers Association, speaking yesterday at the opening of the Winter Institute in San Jose, Calif. His comment was interrupted by a standing ovation from the 500 independent booksellers in attendance.

If You Are the Mother of a Teen, Bookmark this Post Bilgungsroman posted a booklist of tough issues for teens.  From eating disorders to drugs to religion to sex, I couldn’t think of one that isn’t covered.  Every book is rated using a movie scale (G, PG, etc) and starred for quality.  The books seem to range for offering awareness of an issue to heavy duty reality situations.  This list is a gift.

This is what I’m getting Claire for her Birthday, but don’t tell her.

Planes, Trains and Automobiles The Millions asked its readers for recommendations on what to read/listen to for planes, trains, automobiles.  Here are mine:

  • Planes – I need a plot-driven, fast-paced novel that distracts me from thinking “I’m going to die, I’m going to die.”  A few of the recommendations on The Millions list were from nervous flyers, but I could tell from the choices that they are novice chickens.  I’ve made a plane let me off on the tarmac, in a foreign country – I’m serious when it comes to fear.  My choice:  Dan Brown, Diana Gabaldon, Stephanie Meyer, names you’ll rarely see me talking about, but one of those books and some wine and I’m good to go.
  • Trains – anything, who ever died on a train, unless you live in LA.  Uh oh, I live in LA.
  • Automobiles – I love listening to Garrison Keillor audio books/collections and David Sedaris audio books/collections.  We are also huge fans and customers of The Teaching Company courses, especially anything by Robert Greenberg.

Short Story Collections Having just finished reading Both Ways is the Only Way I Want It (I love the title, it may be a new life philosophy) by Maile Meloy, it’s hard to imagine another collection that will match it.  However, Book Fox lists the collections coming out this year that will try to give Maile a run for her money.

Never Wanting to Pass Up a Chance to Embarrass Claire She is speaking at the Pasadena Literary Festival on Saturday, there may be a few tickets left.  It will be a wonderful event, don’t let the rain stop you from attending.

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