The Rooster is Back!

imagesThere isn’t a single book award that comes close to being as fun as the race for the Rooster in the Tournament of Champions.  Sponsored by The Morning News, I do back flips every time they issue an announcement about the tournament and this week offered the most important-the short list.   Here are the 16 books that will enter the book arena:

I’ve only read two, I own four, but most exciting for me, six of them I don’t know well.  That’s one of things I enjoy about the tournament, the opportunity to fall in love with a new book.  Sometimes, it’s the insight to skip reading a book which can be just as valuable.  For the newbies to the Tournament of Books, you’re in for a treat. Check out a description of the “process” and how the books are picked-the key words are ‘somewhat arbitrary.’  Make sure you vote for your favorite book for the Zombie Round, when two previous eliminated books are given a second chance to compete.  I voted for Room.  The competition starts on March 7th, but the brackets will be released earlier.  Never fear, I’ll be highlighting it.

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