March Madness Reading

The NCAA came out with the team picks and first round pairings yesterday (here’s the bracket).  Amidst controversy, the NCAA named the Louisville Cardinals as the No. 1 seed.  If your city has the best bookstore of the year, why shouldn’t it have the number one seed also?  Who says basketball and reading aren’ t related?  Just ask my daughter, she reads through every basketball game we attend or watch on TV.  Or better yet, ask The Morning News, an online magazine that hosts the Tournament of Books each year.

What is the Tournament of Books?  TMN describes it as “the one and only March Madness battle royale of literary excellence, sixteen books enter, but only one book can win the Rooster.”  TMN chooses sixteen top-touted books from the previous year and pits them head to head in a bracket system eerily like the NCAA basketball tourney (download your own bracketto follow along).  For each match, a different judge evaluates both books and declares the winner.  Kevin Guilfoile and John Warner provide game commentary and readers chime in also.  The ultimate winner receives a live rooster in honor of David Sedaris’ brother, “the Rooster.”

The Regionals started last week and what an upset week it was!  In the Continue reading