Favorite Wedding or Romantic Scene in a Book?

It’s Wedding Week!  My sister is getting married on Saturday the 26th, so I’m heading out of town for the festivities and preparations.  I was thinking this morning about the best wedding scenes in a book and couldn’t come up with one, can you?  So then I moved onto romantic scenes.  Of course, the number one favorite of many is when Mr. Darcy finally, FINALLY, kisses Elizabeth at the end of Pride and Prejudice. Although some will cringe, I think the love scenes between Bella and Edward are teenage swoon worthy.  That is exactly why us grown up women love the book, it brings us back to the first time a boy we liked struggled to put his arm around us.  On the fly, the third scene I came up with is when Claire returns to Scotland and finds Jamie in Dragonfly in Amber. While I liked the first book, Outlander, better and I’m so tired of the series I haven’t even purchased the most recent installment, I love that scene in Dragonfly.

I have to admit, it feels like a pretty weak list, but I’m rushing to pack and arrange for carpool all at the same time.   Help me out!  What are some of your favorite wedding scenes or romantic scenes in a book?

Fun Literary Links

Here are a few things I’ve been looking at that I wanted to share:

  • Penguin Books celebrated it’s 75th Birthday!  Whenever I’m reading a classic, I choose the Penguin edition.  I like the notes, I like the print, I like the blank pages in front and back where I can take notes (actually could use a couple more of those), and I like that I have a bookshelf of matching black spines.
  • New York Magazine published a cluster of articles about the emergence of independent bookstores in New York City noting that the area is “suddenly, unexpectedly in the midst of an indie-bookstore renaissance.”  With shout outs to great stores, the economics of book selling, a list of books to look for this fall and the favorite stores of NYC authors, it all makes for interesting reading.
  • Think you’re a bibliophile?  There’s a new test for how much you really love books:  did your wedding have a literary theme?  When Non of A Thousand Screaming Rabbits married Jessica, our favorite YA bookseller the guests each received a book as a party favor, the table top decorations were books and the cake topper was a tribute to the bride and groom and their favorite books.  Scroll down this post (full of beautiful photography) for the literary pics
  • Now I know what I’m getting Claire for her birthday!  Out of Print Clothing offers t-shirts with the original cover of several classics.  My daughter’s required reading for the summer is The Lord of the Flies, I asked her if she wanted a t-shirt to wear when her English class is discussing the book, I got the eye roll.
  • Do we need another article on e-books vs. the paper book?  Yes we do, so we can play Bookavore’s drinking game.  “Will e-books wipe out/kill/decimate/pulverize/HULKSMASH/angry verb real books?” — one drink, or my favorite, “smell of a real book” — clean out the liquor cabinet, drink until you pass out, wake up next morning, puke, then continue drinking.  Happy drinking!
  • The Guardian has pics of favorite bookstores and you can add your own shots.  Plus, I just returned from England and found this site very helpful for finding bookstores.  Posts about English bookstores will be coming in the next couple of weeks!

Enjoy the links!